Nanjing 222 B&B is located at the city center. There are many local food and famous tourist attractions around. It is very convenient but quiet and peace. A slide inside every room is one of our special design. Also, the popular cartoon subject of different rooms catch all the children’s eyes. We provide you free bikes with child seat, baby bath tubs, and water boiler. We hope you feel like home here and have comfortable night. Why not enjoy you time here. It is the time to explore Taiwan and leave a wonderful memory here.


Tiramisu Cake Store 提拉米蘇精緻蛋糕
This is a chain store in Taiwan, but the only one in Hualien. They have sell a piece of cake that you can enjoy different tastes inside the store or takeaway and they also sell the different kinds of cakes that you can do some celebration with. Tiramisu is the best in the store, so if you come here, don’t forget to try one.
Yi-Wei Breakfast 怡味早餐
Temple Black Tea and Pipe Black Tea are very famous in Hualien. However, few people know the black tea of Yi-Wei Breakfast. For many local people, their black tea is the number one. Besides, the breakfast is tasty as well and the price is not so high.
Hsiang Yang Mountain Teashop 向陽山茶鋪
This is not only a teashop, but also a restaurant in the Hsiang Yang Mountain. You can have a big meal or a cup of tea here while enjoy the night view of Hualien city. It is not too far from Hualien train station, so if you don’t know where to go at night. This is one of chooses that you can spent time here and relax with beautiful view.
Lintiensan Pig’s Trotters 林田山豬腳
They cook pig’s trotters over low heat, which can stew out the most essence of gelatin. After stewing, the pig’s trotters would be fried. Therefore, they would be golden color, crisp outside and chewy inside. They are not too greasy. Color, aroma and taste. You can be satisfied with all at the same time.
Daiji Wonton Restaurant 戴記扁食
There are many wonton restaurants in Hualien. No one is the best or the worst. It is depend on your own dietary habit. Especially these two restaurant, Yi-Hsiang Wonton Restaurant and Daiji Wonton Restaurant. The manager of these two restaurants are relatives. They were taught by the same master but cook differently and manage the restaurant differently. The soup of Daiji Wonton is lighter and the shape of wontons is different. Choose what you like to eat then that will be the best for you.
Butter Bread Cake 花蓮縣餅-奶油酥條
Cuboid shaped of butter bread cake is easy to eat. Both youth and old like it so much. It has sweet and salty tastes. Before you buy it, you can try it first and choose the one you like. Tell you secretly, they also sell NG butter bread cake in other bread store. It doesn’t look beautiful but it is crisper. Therefore, if you buy it as a gift, you can choose butter bread cake in box. If you buy it for yourself, I suggest you can try NG one which is a lower price.
Tseng-Ji Sticky Rice Cake 曾記麻糬
It is a very traditional food in Taiwan. No matter is youth or older, everyone like it so much. It is made by rice. Very chewy. Sticky rice cakes have different tastes like peanuts, red beans, sesame, brown sugar, green tea powder…… You can try and taste them first. If you don’t like the taste of sticky rice cake, you don’t need to buy. It is OK. But if you like them, you can buy some and bring them back to your hometown or share with your friends.
Derli Dried Tofu Store 德利豆乾
This is a store you can eat first before you buy, so choose the one that suit for your taste. Dried tofu is one of traditional snacks in Taiwan. People will eat them while drinking tea or bear. The store also sell different kinds of plums. Their plums is not too acid and not too sweet. The acid and sweet taste is at perfect combination.
Zhongshan330 B&B
You can stay comfortable and have fun here.We can give you a wonderful B&B experience in Hualien. A slide inside every room is one of our special design. The location is on the city center. It is very convenient but quiet and peace. From train station (Front Exit), you just need to walk for 10 to 15 minutes to our B&B. We provide you free bikes with child seat. Moreover, there are a lot of delicious and famous local food around such as the Bomb Scallion Pancake (炸彈蔥油餅), Mr. Goose Restaurant (鵝肉先生), Yi-Hsiang Wonton Restaurant (液香扁食), Gong-Zheng Dumplings and Buns (公正包子), Round Powder Packet with Red Beans(包心粉圓), Tseng-Ji Sticky Rice Cake(曾記麻糬) and so on.
Happy Castle B&B
Welcome to Happy Castle B&B. Our B&B is located at the Hualien city center. We are nearby Dongdanmen Night Market. One of our special design is the slide inside every room which full of the popular cartoon characters and cute animals such like Peppa Pig, Choo Choo Train, and Happy Elephant. We hope children can have fun inside the room while you can also have comfortable and relax time here. Beside, we provide you free bikes with child seat that you can go around Hualien city and experience local life on your own way. If you need baby bath tubs, and water boiler, these are available to provide. We hope you feel like home here and have comfortable night.
One-Day Daylily Flower Trip by the Chartered Car
August and September are the month that daylily flower are in full bloom. Join this trip, you can see the whole mountain are golden like and let the breeze kiss you. It seems like you will forget the stress, worried and sorrows and just enjoy thetime at that moment. The fee:NT$1400/per
全鼎旅行社-遊樂趣訂房中心提供遊客一站式服務,給予最優質多元化的遊程代訂服務,提供花東地區最安全及舒適的遊程服務。 追求極大獲利是企業的鐵則,但卻不是全鼎的原則,因為全鼎旅行社即是建立在社會企業的精神理念上,本公司即是非營利組織下的一個事業體,組織主要的服務對象遍佈各種不同的年齡層,不同的旅遊面向,有別於一般追求利潤極大化的商業規則,全鼎因為公益使命感而存在,透過在地的扎根,協助解決社會問題,使社企運用資本,敲醒公益希望的鐘聲,努力實踐服務他人的心願。企業核心價值:專業、誠信、品質、服務、熱忱,規劃辦理國內外文化藝術深度之旅、各項研習培訓活動、有機農場生態美食之旅、宗教參訪。
Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory 花蓮觀光糖廠
This is not just a sugar factory!This is where people come far away just for their ice cream even in winter. There are different kinds of ice pop and ice cream. The most special ice cream is “Moon Ice” which is peanut ice cream with a raw yolk. Some people like it so much. Some people dare not taste it. How about you?
Matai’an Wetland Ecological Park 馬太鞍濕地生態園區
This is a natural wetland. What’s the meaning of Matai’an? It means pigeon pea in Pangsah language. It also symbolizes luck for Pangsah (indigenous people). Therefore, people will carry pigeon peas and plant them every way. That’s what the name comes from. Recently, Matai’an Wetland plants ornamental lotus. You can walk along the trail and see the beauty of blossoming lotus in summer.
Hongye Hot Springs 紅葉溫泉
Hongye means red leaf in Chinese. The hot spring comes from the branch of Hongye creek, which was developed during Japanese Occupation. Japan style architecture and natural hot spring make this place famous and everyone like to enjoy their holiday here. It is like heaven that have a hot spring beside maple trees especially in the winter time.
Liushidan (Sixty Stone ) Mountain 六十石山
Guess what!Jinzhen (daylilies) will blossom all over hillsides in Liushidan Mountain every summer. You can see the huge golden hillsides that cover by daylilies flowers and also taste special daylilies dishes here. Even if you visit here during un-flowering season, the wide green hillsides with red brick farmer houses is also beautiful sceneries.
Ruisui Ranch &Resort 瑞穗牧場
The water of Ruisui Ranch comes from the central Range. Pure and clean water irrigate Ruisui Ranch. This perfect environment suit animal and plant to grow. Cattles eat healthy grass and they produce rich taste milk. Bring your children here. Give kids an extraordinary experience with cattle. You can feed cattle grass and take picture with them.
The Tropic of Cancer Marker Park 北回歸線地標
What a tiny Taiwan!You even cannot find Taiwan in the world map. However, the special Tropic of Cancer cross Taiwan. One of the Tropic of Cancer Marker Park is in Hualien. Latitude 23.5 degrees is a mystery line. When we study Earth science, number 23.5 appear frequently. Though we are familiar with Tropic of Cancer, it is still an abstract line. But right now, you can take out the world map and proudly tell everyone ” I am right here!” when you are on this landmark.
Farglory Ocean Park 遠雄海洋公園
There are eight themes areas, four themes performance areas and natural landscape areas. You can take a roller coaster or others exciting amusement facilities. It is not only have fun here. Inside the theme park, there are many biology room that you can learn more about marine species. The show is also incredible that surprise everyone and you can have an interaction with dolphins or sea lions. What’s more!There is the only one “overnight camp” in Taiwan. You can have a sweet dream with marine species.
Huting Seacoast 牛山海岸水璉濕地
There is a small hill inside the Huting landscape. People will climb it to overlook the coast line and boundless sea. Lie on the grass and let the breeze softly blow you. Though you need to pay entrance fee, it is worthy. Also, there is a restaurant which provides indigenous food, traditional food, foreign diches and special drinks. You can spent all day long here.
Baqi Lookout 芭崎瞭望台
If you are on the Baqi gazebo, you will see Jiqi Bay, Turtle Roaring Cape, Sinshe Cliff, and other unique features of the coastal landscape in the south. Besides, do you know there are volcanoes in Taiwan? Standing on the Baqi gazebo, you are able to see the volcanoes clearly. The sea has some boats that make blue water more colorful and vital. The beautiful scenery is composed of white could, golden sun light, blue sky, wandering coast, incredible shaped mountain and boundless ocean, which you would never want to leave.
Jici Beach 磯崎海濱休憩區
There is a long long long beach. It is a special beach that it will switch its color due to the different seasons. During the winter, the beach will become black color because sand and small stones from the bottle of sea come up. During the summer, sunshine make the beach golden color. It is very romantic and relaxed to lie on the beach. Moreover, you can do water sport right here. There are paragliding, camp area and restaurants around. You can also count stars at night. Very beautiful beach in Hualien.
Yuedong Recreation Area 月洞遊憩區
Yuedong(Moon cave) is a natural stalactite cave. Cave accumulates water. Water rise and fall due to the moon. This is why it calls “Yuedong(Moon cave)”. If you want to go inside the cave, you need to take the boat. There are many bats inside the cave. Do you want to have an adventure? Do you want to know more about the legends of Yuedong cave? Come!You will find them!
Shihtiping (Stone Stair Terrace) 石梯坪
Shihtiping is extremely large stone stair terrace in Taiwan. There are rich natural marine abrasion landform like marine abrasion platform, marine cliff and coral reef. Especially, pot hole view is number one in Taiwan. Intertidal zone have varied marine species. You can have fun here, but remember cherish it. When you leave, take away the garbage and keep the nature beauty still.
Changhong Bridge 新長虹橋
This is the estuary of Siouguluan River. People used to visit here in the day time. Ride the small boat and canoe. Overlook the boundless estuary view and beautiful red bridge. But tell you a secret, it is more beautiful and very different at night when you stand at the bridge and look at the sky. The frame of bridge is just like different paintings drawing stars. The light of cars flash over the bridge and suddenly everything go bake to dark and quiet. The feeling at that moment seems like you are the only one connect with the universe. It is very special and unforgettable experience. But, if you come here at night, you must be careful to the cars and your safety.
Tianxiang Scenic Area 天祥風景區
Tianxiang is located at the east section of Central Cross-Island Hwy, 19 km from Taroko. It was called Tupido by Taroko indigenous peoples. Now, it is renamed in memory of Wen Tianxiang. There are temples, restaurants, hotels, bus stops, parks, and post office. It seems like a small community. Very convenient, beautiful and spectacular!This cultural spot had been one of important place for Taroko national park.
Bilyu Sacred Tree 碧綠神木
Why this tree is called as a sacred tree?It is because this tree is the witness of the Taroko’s history for almost 3400 years. If it was an old man, he must have thousands of stories to tell. I believe many people have their stories with this sacred tree as well. Maybe it is a romantic love story. Maybe it is a war story. Maybe it is a tragedy story. Maybe…Maybe…there are too many possibility that you can image.
Gong-Zheng Dumplings and Buns 公正包子
The name of this traditional restaurant is Gong-Zheng Dumplings and Buns. As you can see, you could know it is located at Gong-Zheng street. It is near Zhongshan road. There are “Zhou Jia Steamed Dumplings” and “Lai Lai Dumplings” beside it. Three of them are called as the top three of Hualien Dumplings. Though they are all called as dumplings, their recipe are different and taste are different as well. If you never taste dumplings in Taiwan, you must try it.
Round Powder Packet with Red Beans 包心粉圓
Summertime is coming!It is the time to eat ice. Round Powder Packet with Red Beans is traditional shaved ice with caramel. It is really really delicious and you would never get tired of eating it. Hot round powder packet and cold ice is conflict but taste well. Try it by yourself, you won’t regret.
Mr. Goose Restaurant 鵝肉先生
Mr. Goose Restaurant has a long history in Hualien. They stated from a vendor’s stand and now they have a branch on the Linsen Road. They not only have goose but also chicken. It is very traditional food and eating style in Taiwan.
the Bomb Scallion Pancake 炸彈蔥油餅
This is one of delicacies that you must wait in line. why it is called “the Bomb Scallion Pancake”? It is because people overstate that the fried pancake is very crisp like using bomb to fry. If you like to eat over medium egg, this is the best traditional food for you.
055 Sea Food Restaurant  055海鮮專賣店
The local sea food is right here. Hualien is beside the Pacific Ocean and the port is near by the city. Therefore, this restaurant provides the freshest sea food. Many people will come here to eat lobsters. The environment of restaurant is very comfortable and clean. The price is reasonable not too high.
Cikasuan (Tree House Restaurant) 樹屋風味餐廳
Setting beside Liyu Lake, Cikasuan restaurant provides the delicious indigenous food. There are many incredible hand-made art work in the Cikasuan restaurant. You can have DIY here. This is also a restaurant that full of dreams. Do you want to know the dreams and stories?Just come here and find it!
Zhong Yi Tofu Pudding 中一豆花
It is enjoyable to have a tofu pudding in any season. During the winter, a hot tofu pudding can warm your body. During the summer, a cool ice tofu pudding can quench your thirst and relieve the heat. You can choose some ingredients like red beans, green beans, pearls…… Their tofu pudding is traditional one. You just need to use tongue to cut the tofu pudding. Very delicious. Do you want to try it?
Da’yuling 大禹嶺
Da’yuling, once called "Hehuan Yakou ", is located at a saddle of Central Mountain Range. It borders the countries of Taichung, Nantou and Hualien. The surrounding mountains are just like the mother of nature hugging you. Besides, it has a good view of Black Mt. Qilai, Mt. Pingfeng, and Mt. Nanhu. During winter, visitors come to Mt. Hehuan to appreciate the snow and taste fresh highland vegetables and fruits.
Hiao Fengkou (Air outlet) 小風口
This place usually blow heavy wind due to the topography, so people call here Hiao Fengkou (Air outlet). In the winter, the abundance of steam create snow that many people will come here to ski and make a snowman. In the morning, sunrise, shape of cloud and the changing of light impress the visitors so much that attract they come here every year.
Mizhan Old Road 米棧古道
This is a hundreds historical road. In the early days, people would carry harvested rice on shoulder and walk to the Mizhan village on this road. Carrying on shoulder is a very special porter culture in Taiwan. Not only cultural experience but also natural scenery are valuable. You can overlook the Mukua River wandering along the valley and enjoy birds singing on the Mizhan Old Road.
Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area 池南國家森林遊樂區
It used to be a timber industry. Later, it redeveloped as a national forest recreation area. Once you come here, you will find that there are still many timber equipment and varied exhibition with information in the area. If you want to know more, the guide will tell you some detail information and show you the history of Taiwan timber industry.
Liyu Lake 鯉魚潭
Why is Liyu Lake so clear? It‘s because the water come from underground springs so Liyu Lake is crystal clear all year round. Besides the comfortable view, there are many activities that is suitable for the young and the old such like water sports, taking speedboat, riding the duck boat and irregularly performants. The Dragon Boat Festival is also held here. Around April, thousands of fireflies flash on the trail beside the lake. It‘s just like walking in the outer space and dancing with stars. A romantic dating place during fireflies pervious.
Lao River, Baibao River 荖溪、白鮑溪親水園區
This is a beautiful place that even the local people will come. The water source of Lao River and Baibao River come from the Central Range, so the water is very clear. Many people will spent their leisure time here. You can find that there are many special and beautiful stones. Remember!Do not take away the stones. Let the stones stay where they belong, so next time you visit here you can still find them and cherish them.
Lichaun Aquafarm 2026 立川魚場 2026
There is a slang “Wash the pants while clamming.” in Taiwan. It is not just a slang but real in Lichaun Aquafarm. You can pick up the clam while have the knowledge of clam. Different shape and light of the cloud and mountain will impress you. They also provide special clam diches such like clam ice cream and clam soup… experience the fun by yourself.
National Dong Hwa University 國立東華大學
This is one of the large university in Taiwan. There are three lakes inside the campus. When you come near to the lake, you can see the fishes. If the weather is good enough, you even can see tortoises take a sunbath. You can lie on the grass and appreciate the view quietly. The lake is just like a mirror that reflect the mountain and sky. It is very beautiful. European style buildings are located in different corner. Due to the good environment, there are different kinds of animals and insects in the campus like ring-necked pheasants. During summer, you also can find fireflies in the campus.
Chao Feng Ranch &Resort 新光兆豐休閒農場
This is the place that you can go anytime. In summer, you can have fun with animals. In winter, you can stay in the hot spring and enjoy SPA. You can have all beer and skittles in the Chao Feng Ranch &Resort.
LinTianShan Forestry Cultural Park 林田山文化園區
LinTianShan Forestry Cultural Park is the best preserved logging yard in eastern Taiwan. During the Japanese Occupation, they built many Japan style houses, stores and theaters. It is suitable for family to walk around and learn Taiwan history. Follow previous people steps and enjoy your time here.
The Eternal Spring Shrine ( Changchun Shrine) 長春祠
The style of the Eternal Spring Shrine is a stately Tang Dynasty temple. It commemorates the memory of 225 veterans who died for constructing the highway. You can see the spring fall over the cliff beside the Eternal Spring Shrine. The spectacular waterfalls is very famous. Besides, there is a “之” shaped trail which lead to Guanyin Cave, Taroko Tower, Bell Tower, the Suspension Bridge, and Changuang Temple, and so on. All of them are able to enjoy the beautiful view of Liwu Canyon, which is called “Heaven Trail"
Buluowan Recreation Area 布洛灣遊憩區
It used to be the tribes of indigenous people, but nowadays it becomes a service station of Taroko National park. In Taroko language, Buluowan means the echoes of the canyon. This area has a seasonally tropical rain forest, meander core and a fluvial terrace. Besides, it also plants native Lilium Formosanum. Lilium Formosanum blossoms in April, so you can enjoy the smell and the beauty of the flowers.
The Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) 燕子口
Walking along the Swallow Grotto trail, you can appreciate Taroko cliff, pot holes, natural sinkholes, water geysers, and very special shaped “Rock of the Indian Chief”. The Swallow Grotto is also called “the one thread of heaven” due to the narrow and deep river valley.
The Zhuilu Old Road 錐麓古道
The Zhuilu Old Road is one of the valuable cultural spot in Taroko. Due to the Japanese Occupation, there are a lot of historic tribal sites and values monuments. As a result, the trail has been designated a "Historic Preservation Area". Besides, you are able to learn the rare native plants and overlook the Liwu Canyon. What a wonderful view! It seems like walking on the top of the cloud.
The Tunnel of Nine Turns 九曲洞
Walk along the pathway, you would be so closed to the cliff. This incredible job is completed with the magic power of nature. This view is exceptionally enjoyable and the sound of river crashing into the rocks echoes in your ears. By the way, the trail is flat and rather broad, but you still need to be cautious of falling rocks.
Baiyang Trail ( Water Curtain Cave) 白楊步道(水簾洞)
Cross the bridge of Baiyang, you can overlook the Baiyang waterfalls rush down from the high way. You won’t never forget this incredible view. It’s very cool to feel the spring fall down from the cave while you walk in the Water Curtain cave. This unique scene seems like the tear form the God of Mountain.
Pine Garden 松園別館
Pine Garden was used as the military department's office in 1943. Now, Pine Garden has become a tourist spot and it is one of the "100 Historic Sites in Taiwan". You can overlook the mouth of Meilun River, Hualien Port, and the Pacific Ocean from Pine Garden. It is a very wonderful view. Drink a cup of coffee and relax here with natural beauty. It’s the time for you to know more about Taiwan history and enjoy your life here.
About Time (Second hand bookstore) 時光書店
This is “About Time—Second Hand Bookstore” It is set in a small lane in Hualien city. Japan style old house and used books compose a memorable time. Enjoy your easy life in Hualien and have a time with the characters in the books. By the way, tell you a secret!”About Time 1939 Café” is the same boss. Do you want to know where it is?Come to Hualien!Our receptionist would like to tell you :-)
General Mansion 將軍府
Setting beside Meilun River, General Mansion was built during the Japanese Occupation in 1936. At that time, it was the mansion of military captain. General Mansion is named by villagers. They know the important people live here but didn’t know the exactly position of general. So, they call just here “General Mansion”. Nowadays, government has hold General Mansion Bathrobe Festival. You can rent bathrobe and experience Japanese vibes around here.
Ji’an Keishuin 慶修院
Keishuin is a third-level historical site in Hualien. It is one of the tourist spot that everyone must visit. It was built during the Japanese Occupation, and served not only as a spiritual center for Japanese but also a medical center, learning center, and funeral home. The wood structure has not only Japanese-style four-pillar rooftop but also Japanese temple building tradition.
Qixingtan Scenic Area 七星潭
Qixingtan is the only county level scenic area in Hualien. It used to be a small fishing village but now has become the famous and popular tourist spot in Hualien. You can enjoy the sun rise view or let the sea kiss your feet. It is so beautiful that both the spectacular high mountain and the wide ocean view are at one scene. Ride a bike. Take a walk. Do nothing but feel the breeze. Come here!This is the top place you must visit.
Jhih Ka Syuan Forest Park 知卡宣森林公園
Fairy tale style of Jhih Ka Syuan Forest Park is one of the attractive designs in Hualien. There are 8 area in the park. Central square, wind direction square, and green zone of the original botanical garden, aquatic plant park, keel greenhouse. Also, some of area is for children such like garden maze, water sport area(summer vacation). The most important thing is it is all “free”. So, take your family here and have a wonderful family time!
Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum 石雕博物館
Hualien County Stone Sculptural Museum is the first stone sculptural museum in Taiwan. 90% of stone resource in Taiwan are from Hualien. That’s why Hualien is called the source of stone. Many stone carving artisans come here to create and also display their works. Moreover, there are many different area such like collection area, first planned exhibition area, modern stone sculpturing area, traditional stone sculpturing area, and video/audio area and a gallery dedicated to national and international stone carving artisans. It’s suitable for family to visit.
Meilun Park 美崙山運動公園
You can experience different atmosphere in Meilun Mountain. In daytime, people will do exercises and walk the dog here meanwhile a lot of animals and insects come out. At night, people will have an adventure and enjoy the night view. It is full of mystery and surprise moment. In summer and autumn, different fireflies spark in the dark. It is very beautiful. Besides closing to nature, there is a small ecological exhibition museum that you can learn more.
Beibin Park 北濱公園
Beibin park is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and stand on the north Hualian Hui Lan Bay. Local people like to have a walk and enjoy the ocean view. It is also a very good place for leisure on holiday. You can ride a bike, walk the dog, have a nice date, fly a kite and play the remotely controlled aircraft here. There are some ship that color the sea and make the ocean more animated.
Stone Art Avenue 石藝大街
Stone Art Avenue is also called Market of stone Art. Do you want to know more about stone and stone sculpture art work? Come here!This is a great chance to learn more. They have guides to introduce for you. This avenue exhibits Rose Stone (also called Barite), Taiwan jade, sapphire, Taiwan tiger's eye, top quality crystals, and other carved jade and wooden art pieces. Learn some different lesson for your trip!
The World of Lotus 蓮城
Lotus is a very important plant in eastern word. It symbolizes pure and uncorrupted. and The World of Lotus has six areas for different species. They plant new species and develop similar species. Here is just like a park. You don’t need to pay for entrance and they will give a lotus tea to welcome you. If you want to know more about lotus, the guide will show you the knowledge of lotus.
Chuying Ecological Riverside Park 初英親水生態公園
Chuying Ecological Riverside Park is a place where you can be more close to nature. Ecological pond, river, small bridge, pavilion, recreation facility for children, cypress, comphor trees and ranch make this place more attractive. The image of red cypress is just like a painting from nature and the smell of trees will refresh your body and let you only enjoy the moment with nature.
Maple Trail 楓林步道
Different seasons for different flowers in Maple Trail. When you walk along the trail, there are varied flowers to appreciate. Azalea, plum flower, peach tree blossom in spring. In autumn, it is the time for maple trees. You not only appreciate blossoming flowers, but also overlook entire Hualien plain and the north Coastal Range. The view is very wide. The night view is incredible as well.
Sakura (Zuozang) Trail 佐倉步道
This trail used to be a transport road for mining. Later, mining industry fall, people climb the mountain along this trail. There are four outlooks for people to overlook the view from different high. You can find the incredible sunrise and stars all over the sky here. Come here to join the natural party.
Dongdanmen Night Market 花蓮東大門夜市
Have you ever heard Ziqiang Night Market?It used to be the most famous night market in Hualien city. Recently, government program a tourist night market, Dongdanmen Night Market. Therefore, Ziqiang Night Market moves right here. Dongdanmen Night Market has multi-elements such as Taiwan traditional food, indigenous dishes, China food, traditional and modern game, clothes selling, street performant and so on. You can find lovely things and delicious food from different country by a lower price. You will love here.
Qingshui Cliff 清水斷崖
Qingshui Cliff is one of the top eight scenery in Taiwan. It is located between Suhua Highway(Hwy. No. 9), Heren and Chongde. It spans the 5 km coastline. The spectacular natural beauty attracts many Taiwanese and foreign tourists. Not only the coastline but also the magnificent mountain and the boundless Pacific Ocean create such beautiful and incredible scenery
Shakadang Trail 砂卡礑步道
Visitors appreciate along the view of clear green river, magnificent rocks and stones and dense trees. The environment provide different species habitat. You can see fishes, shrimps, crabs, fogs and aquatic insects in the river. When you walk along the trail, you may see varied insects, butterflies, snakes and birds. If you are lucky enough, Formosan rock monkey (Taiwanese macaque) will come out and say hello to you.
HsiangYang Square 向日廣場
The style of south European building versus the old fishing port create a very opposite combination. Western and eastern cultures, the Pacific Ocean and the prairie all are in the same picture. In the square, there is only a few stores which sell local food, have some DIY activities and introduce the visitors about the knowledge of ocean. Therefore, you don’t need to shop a lot and it is not too crowded or too noisy. Just let the breeze touch you, get a tan and enjoy the moment in fishing port.
Qixin Dried Bonito Museum 七星柴魚博物館
There are many different area in the museum. Fish processing production area and dried bonito area that demonstrate the producing process of sea food. What’s more!They provide DIY area that you can make your own dried bonito and octopus balls (takoyaki) and taste different dishes of seafood in the museum. It is suitable for family. The museum have more surprise that wait for you to explore.
Hualien Distillery  花蓮酒廠
There is a prairie in front of Hualien Distillery. They provide some activities and games such like baseball game with 9x9 boxes, ring toss bottles game, and chinses chess. You can have a great memory here with your family or just come here have some exercise. If you go inside, you will see an old distillery building that full of historical atmosphere.
Nanbin Park 南濱公園
Nanbin park is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and stand on the north Hualian Hui Lan Bay. Local people like to have a walk and enjoy the ocean view. It is also a very good place for leisure on holiday. You can ride a bike, walk the dog, have a nice date, fly a kite and play the remotely controlled aircraft here. There are some ship that color the sea and make the ocean more animated.
Hualien Culture Park 文創園區
Hualien Culture Park used to be a brewery but now it was rebuild as one of Five Culture Parks in Taiwan. It is located at the central of city. You are able to find the brewery in the park but this area is used in culture activities and creative industries now. The simple buildings reflect pass time of brewery, which attracts people to have a walk here and take pictures.
Special Price Tickets for Farglory Ocean Park
-tickets: 1.Adult ticket:Ages around 19 to 65’s adult for NT$820. 2.Reduced-price ticket:Ages around 13 to 18’s teenager or anyone who is student identity for NT$750. 3.Child ticket:Ages around 7 to 12’s child or heights between 115cm~150cm child for NT$550.
Special price tickets for Whale Watching
*Time:2-3 hours -Adult ticket:Ages 12+ for NT$700. -Reduced-price ticket:Ages around 3 to 11 child for NT$550. -Child ticket:Ages less than 3 child for NT$300.(not include age 3) -Pick-up fee:Extra NT$100 for one person. From Hualien Port to Hostel in city center or to airport or to train station.
Special price for Rafting
Reservation service: ※Price:NT$550/per ※Shuttle Service:NT$300/per ※Boat:automatic displacement boat
感謝雨立今給予的評價與撰文,感謝各位。 謝謝大家喜歡南京222民宿
感謝~ 阿拉鐳謝謝你的推薦。 希望您會喜歡南京222民宿。 下次有辦類似抽獎活動一定會找您參加。
感謝Sophin的撰文~ 也謝謝您的推廣。
很開心能夠接待您們~ 您家的寶貝很可愛喔!!
Special price for River Tracing
Reservation service: Half-day trip:NT$900 One-day trip: NT$1800
Special price tickets for Chao Feng Ranch &Resort
1.Adult ticket:Ages around 19 to 65’s adult for NT$300. 2.Reduced-price ticket:Ages around 13 to 18’s teenager or anyone who is student identity for NT$220. 3.Child ticket:Ages around 7 to 12’s child or heights between 115cm~150cm child for NT$200.
Hai-Po Oyster Omelet 海埔蚵仔煎
Hai-Po Oyster Omelet is one of “MUST EAT” traditional food in Hualien. If you want to taste it, you need to wait patiently in line. Oyster omelet is very popular food for Taiwanese. Everyone like it so much. Though the translation is oyster omelet, it is not that omelet. First, sweet potato flour mix water and saute it for few minutes until the surface is crisp. Second, put the vegetable and big oyster on it then an egg cover all of them. Wait for few minutes. Now, it is the time to enjoy.
Yi-Hsiang Wonton Restaurant 液香扁食
People said” If you didn’t eat wonton in Hualien, you didn’t come to Hualien.” The restaurant and signboard is very big to find. They only have wonton soup which is enough for most people. Their soup has a strong pleasant taste and is more flavorful. The shape of wontons is equal. They are juicy and chewy. Very traditional food in Taiwan.
Temple Black Tea 廟口紅茶
Why it is called Temple Black Tea?!It is because Temple Black Tea is in front of the Temple. It has a very long history in Hualien. Local people come to temple to worship Gods while they would also do come entrainment or have some snacks and drinks in front of temple. Therefore, it used to have many stands in front of temple. The square of temple was also a very important public area. Temple Black Tea started from that time and many local people love it so much. Now, it become the “must eat traditional food” in Hualien. Taiwan style macaron is one of popular food in Temple Black Tea.


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