Room 202 KiKi Cat (Triple Room with Playroom)

Ordinary PriceNT.4,100 Special PriceNT.2,200 Holiday PriceNT.2,500

※    Our design of this room: The room is painted in pink and warn color. Many children are crazy about Kiki cat which is our bright spot in this room. There are a playroom and a bedroom. Playroom has a double slide and toy building blocks for children. The bedroom has a small balcony. Children can have fun in the playroom while you can rest in the room.
※    Space inside the room:
•    Floor:second floor(no elevator)
•    Surface area:39.672 square meters
•    Bed (without bedstead):1 double size bed (size/per:188cm x 154cm) and 1 single bed (size/per:180cm x 90cm)
•    Extra bed:1 bed (Extra bed will be put inside the slide.)
※    Equipment inside the room:LCD TV, air conditioner, walk-in shower, electric fan, bath towel, towel, body wash, shampoo, hand wash, tooth brush, hair dryer.
※    Equipment for everyone use:Bikes (some with child seat), refrigerator (1F), water dispenser, lockers.
Above all are for 3 people. If you have more than 3 people, you need to tell us and the price will become higher.
※   No breakfast