• Derli Dried Tofu Store 德利豆乾
    This is a store you can eat first before you buy, so choose the one that suit for your taste. Dried tofu is one of traditional snacks in Taiwan. People will eat them while drinking tea or bear. The store also sell different kinds of plums. Their plums is not too acid and not too sweet. The acid and sweet taste is at perfect combination.
  • Tseng-Ji Sticky Rice Cake 曾記麻糬
    It is a very traditional food in Taiwan. No matter is youth or older, everyone like it so much. It is made by rice. Very chewy. Sticky rice cakes have different tastes like peanuts, red beans, sesame, brown sugar, green tea powder…… You can try and taste them first. If you don’t like the taste of sticky rice cake, you don’t need to buy. It is OK. But if you like them, you can buy some and bring them back to your hometown or share with your friends.
  • Butter Bread Cake 花蓮縣餅-奶油酥條
    Cuboid shaped of butter bread cake is easy to eat. Both youth and old like it so much. It has sweet and salty tastes. Before you buy it, you can try it first and choose the one you like. Tell you secretly, they also sell NG butter bread cake in other bread store. It doesn’t look beautiful but it is crisper. Therefore, if you buy it as a gift, you can choose butter bread cake in box. If you buy it for yourself, I suggest you can try NG one which is a lower price.