• Daiji Wonton Restaurant 戴記扁食
    There are many wonton restaurants in Hualien. No one is the best or the worst. It is depend on your own dietary habit. Especially these two restaurant, Yi-Hsiang Wonton Restaurant and Daiji Wonton Restaurant. The manager of these two restaurants are relatives. They were taught by the same master but cook differently and manage the restaurant differently. The soup of Daiji Wonton is lighter and the shape of wontons is different. Choose what you like to eat then that will be the best for you.
  • Lintiensan Pig’s Trotters 林田山豬腳
    They cook pig’s trotters over low heat, which can stew out the most essence of gelatin. After stewing, the pig’s trotters would be fried. Therefore, they would be golden color, crisp outside and chewy inside. They are not too greasy. Color, aroma and taste. You can be satisfied with all at the same time.
  • Hsiang Yang Mountain Teashop 向陽山茶鋪
    This is not only a teashop, but also a restaurant in the Hsiang Yang Mountain. You can have a big meal or a cup of tea here while enjoy the night view of Hualien city. It is not too far from Hualien train station, so if you don’t know where to go at night. This is one of chooses that you can spent time here and relax with beautiful view.