• Yi-Wei Breakfast 怡味早餐
    Temple Black Tea and Pipe Black Tea are very famous in Hualien. However, few people know the black tea of Yi-Wei Breakfast. For many local people, their black tea is the number one. Besides, the breakfast is tasty as well and the price is not so high.
  • Tiramisu Cake Store 提拉米蘇精緻蛋糕
    This is a chain store in Taiwan, but the only one in Hualien. They have sell a piece of cake that you can enjoy different tastes inside the store or takeaway and they also sell the different kinds of cakes that you can do some celebration with. Tiramisu is the best in the store, so if you come here, don’t forget to try one.
  • Zhong Yi Tofu Pudding 中一豆花
    It is enjoyable to have a tofu pudding in any season. During the winter, a hot tofu pudding can warm your body. During the summer, a cool ice tofu pudding can quench your thirst and relieve the heat. You can choose some ingredients like red beans, green beans, pearls…… Their tofu pudding is traditional one. You just need to use tongue to cut the tofu pudding. Very delicious. Do you want to try it?