• Cikasuan (Tree House Restaurant) 樹屋風味餐廳
    Setting beside Liyu Lake, Cikasuan restaurant provides the delicious indigenous food. There are many incredible hand-made art work in the Cikasuan restaurant. You can have DIY here. This is also a restaurant that full of dreams. Do you want to know the dreams and stories?Just come here and find it!
  • 055 Sea Food Restaurant  055海鮮專賣店
    The local sea food is right here. Hualien is beside the Pacific Ocean and the port is near by the city. Therefore, this restaurant provides the freshest sea food. Many people will come here to eat lobsters. The environment of restaurant is very comfortable and clean. The price is reasonable not too high.
  • the Bomb Scallion Pancake 炸彈蔥油餅
    This is one of delicacies that you must wait in line. why it is called “the Bomb Scallion Pancake”? It is because people overstate that the fried pancake is very crisp like using bomb to fry. If you like to eat over medium egg, this is the best traditional food for you.