• Mr. Goose Restaurant 鵝肉先生
    Mr. Goose Restaurant has a long history in Hualien. They stated from a vendor’s stand and now they have a branch on the Linsen Road. They not only have goose but also chicken. It is very traditional food and eating style in Taiwan.
  • Round Powder Packet with Red Beans 包心粉圓
    Summertime is coming!It is the time to eat ice. Round Powder Packet with Red Beans is traditional shaved ice with caramel. It is really really delicious and you would never get tired of eating it. Hot round powder packet and cold ice is conflict but taste well. Try it by yourself, you won’t regret.
  • Gong-Zheng Dumplings and Buns 公正包子
    The name of this traditional restaurant is Gong-Zheng Dumplings and Buns. As you can see, you could know it is located at Gong-Zheng street. It is near Zhongshan road. There are “Zhou Jia Steamed Dumplings” and “Lai Lai Dumplings” beside it. Three of them are called as the top three of Hualien Dumplings. Though they are all called as dumplings, their recipe are different and taste are different as well. If you never taste dumplings in Taiwan, you must try it.