• Changhong Bridge 新長虹橋
    This is the estuary of Siouguluan River. People used to visit here in the day time. Ride the small boat and canoe. Overlook the boundless estuary view and beautiful red bridge. But tell you a secret, it is more beautiful and very different at night when you stand at the bridge and look at the sky. The frame of bridge is just like different paintings drawing stars. The light of cars flash over the bridge and suddenly everything go bake to dark and quiet. The feeling at that moment seems like you are the only one connect with the universe. It is very special and unforgettable experience. But, if you come here at night, you must be careful to the cars and your safety.
  • Shihtiping (Stone Stair Terrace) 石梯坪
    Shihtiping is extremely large stone stair terrace in Taiwan. There are rich natural marine abrasion landform like marine abrasion platform, marine cliff and coral reef. Especially, pot hole view is number one in Taiwan. Intertidal zone have varied marine species. You can have fun here, but remember cherish it. When you leave, take away the garbage and keep the nature beauty still.
  • Yuedong Recreation Area 月洞遊憩區
    Yuedong(Moon cave) is a natural stalactite cave. Cave accumulates water. Water rise and fall due to the moon. This is why it calls “Yuedong(Moon cave)”. If you want to go inside the cave, you need to take the boat. There are many bats inside the cave. Do you want to have an adventure? Do you want to know more about the legends of Yuedong cave? Come!You will find them!