• The Zhuilu Old Road 錐麓古道
    The Zhuilu Old Road is one of the valuable cultural spot in Taroko. Due to the Japanese Occupation, there are a lot of historic tribal sites and values monuments. As a result, the trail has been designated a "Historic Preservation Area". Besides, you are able to learn the rare native plants and overlook the Liwu Canyon. What a wonderful view! It seems like walking on the top of the cloud.
  • The Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) 燕子口
    Walking along the Swallow Grotto trail, you can appreciate Taroko cliff, pot holes, natural sinkholes, water geysers, and very special shaped “Rock of the Indian Chief”. The Swallow Grotto is also called “the one thread of heaven” due to the narrow and deep river valley.
  • Buluowan Recreation Area 布洛灣遊憩區
    It used to be the tribes of indigenous people, but nowadays it becomes a service station of Taroko National park. In Taroko language, Buluowan means the echoes of the canyon. This area has a seasonally tropical rain forest, meander core and a fluvial terrace. Besides, it also plants native Lilium Formosanum. Lilium Formosanum blossoms in April, so you can enjoy the smell and the beauty of the flowers.