• Jici Beach 磯崎海濱休憩區
    There is a long long long beach. It is a special beach that it will switch its color due to the different seasons. During the winter, the beach will become black color because sand and small stones from the bottle of sea come up. During the summer, sunshine make the beach golden color. It is very romantic and relaxed to lie on the beach. Moreover, you can do water sport right here. There are paragliding, camp area and restaurants around. You can also count stars at night. Very beautiful beach in Hualien.
  • Baqi Lookout 芭崎瞭望台
    If you are on the Baqi gazebo, you will see Jiqi Bay, Turtle Roaring Cape, Sinshe Cliff, and other unique features of the coastal landscape in the south. Besides, do you know there are volcanoes in Taiwan? Standing on the Baqi gazebo, you are able to see the volcanoes clearly. The sea has some boats that make blue water more colorful and vital. The beautiful scenery is composed of white could, golden sun light, blue sky, wandering coast, incredible shaped mountain and boundless ocean, which you would never want to leave.
  • Huting Seacoast 牛山海岸水璉濕地
    There is a small hill inside the Huting landscape. People will climb it to overlook the coast line and boundless sea. Lie on the grass and let the breeze softly blow you. Though you need to pay entrance fee, it is worthy. Also, there is a restaurant which provides indigenous food, traditional food, foreign diches and special drinks. You can spent all day long here.