• Farglory Ocean Park 遠雄海洋公園
    There are eight themes areas, four themes performance areas and natural landscape areas. You can take a roller coaster or others exciting amusement facilities. It is not only have fun here. Inside the theme park, there are many biology room that you can learn more about marine species. The show is also incredible that surprise everyone and you can have an interaction with dolphins or sea lions. What’s more!There is the only one “overnight camp” in Taiwan. You can have a sweet dream with marine species.
  • The Tropic of Cancer Marker Park 北回歸線地標
    What a tiny Taiwan!You even cannot find Taiwan in the world map. However, the special Tropic of Cancer cross Taiwan. One of the Tropic of Cancer Marker Park is in Hualien. Latitude 23.5 degrees is a mystery line. When we study Earth science, number 23.5 appear frequently. Though we are familiar with Tropic of Cancer, it is still an abstract line. But right now, you can take out the world map and proudly tell everyone ” I am right here!” when you are on this landmark.
  • Ruisui Ranch &Resort 瑞穗牧場
    The water of Ruisui Ranch comes from the central Range. Pure and clean water irrigate Ruisui Ranch. This perfect environment suit animal and plant to grow. Cattles eat healthy grass and they produce rich taste milk. Bring your children here. Give kids an extraordinary experience with cattle. You can feed cattle grass and take picture with them.