• Hualien Tourism Sugar Factory 花蓮觀光糖廠
    This is not just a sugar factory!This is where people come far away just for their ice cream even in winter. There are different kinds of ice pop and ice cream. The most special ice cream is “Moon Ice” which is peanut ice cream with a raw yolk. Some people like it so much. Some people dare not taste it. How about you?
  • LinTianShan Forestry Cultural Park 林田山文化園區
    LinTianShan Forestry Cultural Park is the best preserved logging yard in eastern Taiwan. During the Japanese Occupation, they built many Japan style houses, stores and theaters. It is suitable for family to walk around and learn Taiwan history. Follow previous people steps and enjoy your time here.
  • Chao Feng Ranch &Resort 新光兆豐休閒農場
    This is the place that you can go anytime. In summer, you can have fun with animals. In winter, you can stay in the hot spring and enjoy SPA. You can have all beer and skittles in the Chao Feng Ranch &Resort.