• National Dong Hwa University 國立東華大學
    This is one of the large university in Taiwan. There are three lakes inside the campus. When you come near to the lake, you can see the fishes. If the weather is good enough, you even can see tortoises take a sunbath. You can lie on the grass and appreciate the view quietly. The lake is just like a mirror that reflect the mountain and sky. It is very beautiful. European style buildings are located in different corner. Due to the good environment, there are different kinds of animals and insects in the campus like ring-necked pheasants. During summer, you also can find fireflies in the campus.
  • Lichaun Aquafarm 2026 立川魚場 2026
    There is a slang “Wash the pants while clamming.” in Taiwan. It is not just a slang but real in Lichaun Aquafarm. You can pick up the clam while have the knowledge of clam. Different shape and light of the cloud and mountain will impress you. They also provide special clam diches such like clam ice cream and clam soup… experience the fun by yourself.
  • Lao River, Baibao River 荖溪、白鮑溪親水園區
    This is a beautiful place that even the local people will come. The water source of Lao River and Baibao River come from the Central Range, so the water is very clear. Many people will spent their leisure time here. You can find that there are many special and beautiful stones. Remember!Do not take away the stones. Let the stones stay where they belong, so next time you visit here you can still find them and cherish them.