• Hiao Fengkou (Air outlet) 小風口
    This place usually blow heavy wind due to the topography, so people call here Hiao Fengkou (Air outlet). In the winter, the abundance of steam create snow that many people will come here to ski and make a snowman. In the morning, sunrise, shape of cloud and the changing of light impress the visitors so much that attract they come here every year.
  • Da’yuling 大禹嶺
    Da’yuling, once called "Hehuan Yakou ", is located at a saddle of Central Mountain Range. It borders the countries of Taichung, Nantou and Hualien. The surrounding mountains are just like the mother of nature hugging you. Besides, it has a good view of Black Mt. Qilai, Mt. Pingfeng, and Mt. Nanhu. During winter, visitors come to Mt. Hehuan to appreciate the snow and taste fresh highland vegetables and fruits.
  • Bilyu Sacred Tree 碧綠神木
    Why this tree is called as a sacred tree?It is because this tree is the witness of the Taroko’s history for almost 3400 years. If it was an old man, he must have thousands of stories to tell. I believe many people have their stories with this sacred tree as well. Maybe it is a romantic love story. Maybe it is a war story. Maybe it is a tragedy story. Maybe…Maybe…there are too many possibility that you can image.