• Tianxiang Scenic Area 天祥風景區
    Tianxiang is located at the east section of Central Cross-Island Hwy, 19 km from Taroko. It was called Tupido by Taroko indigenous peoples. Now, it is renamed in memory of Wen Tianxiang. There are temples, restaurants, hotels, bus stops, parks, and post office. It seems like a small community. Very convenient, beautiful and spectacular!This cultural spot had been one of important place for Taroko national park.
  • Baiyang Trail ( Water Curtain Cave) 白楊步道(水簾洞)
    Cross the bridge of Baiyang, you can overlook the Baiyang waterfalls rush down from the high way. You won’t never forget this incredible view. It’s very cool to feel the spring fall down from the cave while you walk in the Water Curtain cave. This unique scene seems like the tear form the God of Mountain.
  • The Tunnel of Nine Turns 九曲洞
    Walk along the pathway, you would be so closed to the cliff. This incredible job is completed with the magic power of nature. This view is exceptionally enjoyable and the sound of river crashing into the rocks echoes in your ears. By the way, the trail is flat and rather broad, but you still need to be cautious of falling rocks.