• One-Day Daylily Flower Trip by the Chartered Car
    August and September are the month that daylily flower are in full bloom. Join this trip, you can see the whole mountain are golden like and let the breeze kiss you. It seems like you will forget the stress, worried and sorrows and just enjoy thetime at that moment.
    The fee:NT$1400/per
  • Special price for River Tracing
    Reservation service:
    Half-day trip:NT$900
    One-day trip: NT$1800
  • Special price tickets for Chao Feng Ranch &Resort
    1.Adult ticket:Ages around 19 to 65’s adult for NT$300.
    2.Reduced-price ticket:Ages around 13 to 18’s teenager or anyone who is student identity for NT$220.
    3.Child ticket:Ages around 7 to 12’s child or heights between 115cm~150cm child for NT$200.